KENYA’S TOURISM EXPECTED TO DECLINE IN 2012 (secure gorilla permits)

Kenya’s tourism has developed whereby in 2011 it contributed Sh98 billion which is an increase of 18.6% compared to 2010 and the number of tourist arrival that has been recorded is 1,785,382.

2011 has been recorded as the best year in Kenya’s history and exceeded Sh73 billion profits for 2010.the minister for tourism Najib Bulala said it had been a good performance thought they had a few challenges like the economic crisis in Europe and the bad image because of the Al Shabaab attacks which led to the issuing of bad travel advisories about the country by some governments.

Kenya received 203,290 tourists from UK, 119,615 from US, 96,360 from Italy, 68,737 from Germany and 58,986 from India. Some markets like Netherlands, France, and Austria dropped to 9.8%, 3.6% and 10.5% respectively.

37,432 visitors came from China which was a 31.4% increase compared to 2010.In Africa, Uganda had the highest number with 42,674 and South Africa with 38,354.

Bulala has advised tour operators, hotels and airlines to offer viable prices mostly between April to June to maintain business in the low season. He also said an open sky policy should be introduced to make sure more airlines can enter into the country to bring in more visitors.

He also said Qatar and Emirates with strong interest in flying into Mombasa have not been allowed to fly not even up to Nairobi. He said there will be a small development in 2012 because of the economic situation in Europe, the general elections in Kenya and the delay in marketing for the summer season.

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