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The Uganda -Buganda Tombs could have been set ablaze by terrorists, the Police counter-terrorism director, Abbas Byakagaba, has said.

The anti-terrorism chief was testifying before the judicial commission of inquiry into the cause of the fire.

Byakagaba, who appeared guarded in his response, yesterday said when the fire broke out last year; he deployed terrorism investigation experts at the scene. The experts, he stated have not ruled out terrorism.

“There has always been a concern that this, much as it looks as mere fire, could (have been) a terrorism incident.

“Investigations are still going on. We cannot rule out terrorism although we are yet to get specific pointers towards it,” he explained.

Kasubi tombs, a UNESCO world heritage site since 2001, were torched on March 16, 2010.

Byakagaba explained that for anything to be classified as a terrorism incident, it must have been organised by a terrorist group.

He said the Police are still investigating the group that could have been behind the incident.
The tombs are traditional cultural sites that are one of the Tourist attractions in Uganda.

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