Inter-Parliamentary Union Secretary General Mr. Anders Johnsson treks gorillas in bwindi forest

Anders and Kyra Nunez-Johnsson

During Easter weekend gorilla families of  Bitukura, Oruzogo group and Habinyanja all had an opportunity to host the powerful VIPs who had earlier in the week gathered in Kampala to attend the Inter-parliamentary Union.

However, the most privileged of them all was the Mubare group which among other important dignitaries hosted the organization’s Secretary General Mr. Anders Johnsson of the IPU. Mr. Anders was accompanied by his wife. Despite the heavy down pour, their trip turned out more successful than anyone would have imagined.  The walk to the families turned out to be a life time walk.

So refreshing was the cool breeze that kept absorbing the drops of sweat off the expectant and determined faces of day’s tracking guests. The walk was exciting with enriching talk of the forest history and heritage covered in flora and fauna. It was always interrupted with occasional breaks where jokes and jibes from the lead guide Agenya David kept morale high.
On the given day, the two families of Mubare and Rushegura had interacted in a peaceful way with members of the opposite family mingling and playing with one another. It was yet another lucky day for the day’s guests. Certainly not an everyday occurrence. It was such an emotional moment for the delegation to witness a brotherly interaction of these two groups without drawing territorial marks as to who owned the turf as it is sometimes the case.
The viewing was compounded with Muyambi throwing a few drunken jigs in the air and juveniles rolled in happiness. It was left for the researchers to investigate whether a some of the leaves tasted contained some alcoholic component. Not to be outdone, the loyal Black Back of Rushegura engaged in attention grabbing display of the dramatic chest thumb and roll.

This took everyone else by surprise including the trackers and guides who spend fortune times with them. It was a new addition. What was clear is that the gorillas seemed to enjoy each minute of their stay. Having had a great hour of solid interaction with them, it was time up for us all.   The team protested only to be reminded of the mandatory hour only stay as laid down in the gorilla rules. With that in mind, it was time to involuntarily say adieu to our cousins. As the amiable couple confessed, it was their greatest day of their lives! It was indeed a great day for the team and the guests too! They will definitely be back to have another go at it.

Compiled by Jackie
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