IATA grants Rwanda’s RTUC exam status

The International Air Transport Association has granted the Rwanda TourismUniversity College the status of an examination center for the regular IATA courses, lifting the status of RTUC to the next level.
While teaching at the college of relevant topics and courses has been going on for some time already, students had to go to Nairobi to sit for their exams, causing substantial added cost for the students and their sponsors.
Being granted examination status will now permit RTUC to carry out ‘in house’ exams for their students, and those of other institutions offering relevant courses, a move which will undoubtedly spur added interest in a career in aviation and related services.
It is expected that foreign students from for instance neighboring of  Uganda, Burundi and Congo DR may also be referred from now on to the Kigali examination centre after completing their course studies.
Rwanda is a small country but Big Spirit and Great Vision.

Compiled by Jackie

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