Hotel prices hike in UK and Europe

Hotel prices rocket in UK and Europe

Hotel prices have dramatically increased across Europe compared to last month, according to the latest findings by trivago Hotel Price Index.

An overnight stay in September will now cost an average of 105 pounds, compared to just 90 pounds in August.

The most expensive locations are Venice which now costs an average of 206 pounds per night, up 43 per cent and Geneva which has soared to 202 pounds, up 20 per cent.

In the UK, prices have increased in most destinations compared to this time last year. That said, London and Edinburgh prices have dropped. With the end of the London 2012 Paralympic Games and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, prices in London and Edinburgh have decreased by 11 per cent and 33 per cent respectively, compared to August.

An overnight stay in London will now cost an average of 162 pounds and one night in Edinburgh will cost 119 pounds on average.

These prices are just 2 per cent (in London) and 3 per cent (in Edinburgh) higher than this time last year, suggesting prices in these two cities are returning to normal.

Elsewhere in the UK, however prices have risen.

Compared to September 2011, hotel prices have increased throughout the UK. Out of the 13 major UK cities in the tHPI, the only city reporting no change is Glasgow, where one night will cost an average of 82 pounds. Every other city has higher prices than this time last year, with the largest increases in Brighton (115 pounds per night, up 20 per cent) and Manchester (99 pounds, up 16 per cent).

Prices in Europe increase by up to 49 per cent

The end of the summer season sees hotel prices increase an average of 17 per cent in major European cities, compared to last month. Out of the 22 main cities in the tHPI, only London and Copenhagen are showing decreases in their hotel prices compared to last month (down 11 per cent and 4 per cent, respectively).

Elsewhere, prices have risen as much as 49 per cent when compared to August. Most noteworthy include Paris (173 pounds per night, up 49 per cent), Berlin (105 pounds, up 49 per cent), Brussels (103 pounds, up 48 per cent), Venice (206 pounds, up 43 per cent) and Rome (125 pounds, up 43 per cent). Although it is normal for prices in major cities to increase following the end of the summer season, hotel prices in Berlin and Paris are up 10 per cent and 7 per cent, respectively, when compared to this time last year. This suggests that the level of increase between August and September is higher than usual.

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