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Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao Unveils Largest Gingerbread House in City ...

When it comes to the Christmas season, the world falls in love with the sweet flavour of gingerbread, and for Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao that means transforming its lobby into a magical wonderland featuring the largest Gingerbread House in the city and a magnificent tree with all the trimmings.

Step up to the Gingerbread House and you will feel like you’vre stepped into the mythical Brobdingnag in Gulliver’s Travels! Smell the fragrant gingerbread and be tempted by the, eatable walls and windows, complemented by festive decorations and vintage furnishings in the amazing fantasyland. Inside, you can find the traditional wish list of Christmas goodies like Fromage blanc cream strawberry log cake, cinnamon tea cream, Lebkuchen and, of course, gingerbread cookies.

The Gingerbread House measures 8 metres in length, 4.5m in breadth and 2.6m in height. It is made of more than 1,300 Gingersnaps which weigh 600g each. Such a stunning design and construction is the masterwork of the Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao’s multi-award-winning Pastry ChefCaro Chen and six team members who took 72 hours to create the house.

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