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Bringing together two cities in two different continents, the city of Hamburg in Germany has twinned with Dar es Salaam in Tanzania through street naming.

Twinning of the two cities in different worlds took place Thursday morning after the famous Garden Avenue in Dar es Salaam City Center renamed to Hamburg Avenue to reflect the town twinning between the two cities.

“With this gesture, the City of Dar es Salaam responds to the dedication of a ‘Dar es Salaam Platz in Hamburg Harbor City last year,’” the German Embassy in Tanzania said.

Naming of the tourist attractive Garden Avenue to Hamburg Avenue took place amid fanfares from various city residents in the presence of the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Tanzania Egon Kachanke.

The event, which took place mid-morning at a grand opening ceremony held in front of the German-built Ocean Road Hospital, had cemented the friendly cooperation between Tanzania and Germany.

Garden Avenue is located at the right tourist historical site of German history in Tanzania where old and beautiful German buildings exist. These, including the Ocean Road Hospital buildings built in 1897, St. Joseph Cathedral in 1896, Azania Front Church in 1898, the State House in 1905, Botanical Gardens in 1893, and the port lighthouse in 1893, all are remaining historical features seen today.

The partnership between the two port cities of Hamburg and Dar es Salaam was established in 2010 and has been a success story from its first day during which the two port cities have established a network of vivid exchanges and lively cooperation, which will cement German and Tanzania cooperation in areas of tourism, education, and culture.

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