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Uganda government will start licensing tour guides; a measure aimed at professionalizing the tourism guide sector, the Uganda Tourism Board has said.

Cuthbert Baguma, the executive director said they will be implementing the Tourism Act that call for the licensing of all the tour guides in the country in line with the East African Common Market protocol.

He added that this will be done starting January next year, urging all tourists’ guides in the country to acquire the necessary guiding qualifications.

“We don’t want to lock you out but we want you to be prepared. Acquire the necessary qualifications because in January the implementation of the Tourism Act will commence,” said Baguma at the launch of the Federation of East African Tour Guides Association at the Uganda Museum in Kampala.

Tour guides from Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya attended the launch too.

Baguma urged the regional tour guides to develop a uniform code of ethic because the borders for doing business have been opened under the common market protocol.

“You should develop an East African code of ethics. We shall support you,” Baguma added.

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