Good Safari Guide Awards finalists announced

With the annual award ceremony for ‘Africa’s Best’ now only just over a week away and to be held on the eve of the annual INDABA tourism trade fair dedicated to safari tourism in Southern Africa and beyond, ‘things’ are heating up for the nominees, of which over 300 names, companies and organizations have been put to the team of judges, which is made up from peers.

Three new categories of awards too have been created to honor

‘Best Personal Contribution to Safari Tourism in Africa’, ‘Best Wildlife Organization operating in Africa’ and ‘Best Personal Contribution to Wildlife Conservation in Africa’.

In these categories such illustrious and renowned names like the Jane Goodall Institute, artist David Shepherd, conservationist Diane Hunter and safari operators like Robin Pope and the long gone but never forgotten Norman Carr are amongst the nominees, making the  decision a difficult one for the judges as every one of these names has its own merit.

Good luck to all the nominees and with a bit of bias especially those from Eastern Africa, where many past winners have their homes and areas of operations.

Compiled by Jackie

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