Etihad Airways flight makes emergency landing in Jakarta

On its way from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways Flight EY461 made an emergency landing in Jakarta after smoke was detected in the bathrooms midflight.


The aircraft was filled with smoke. The captain decided to divert the aircraft as precautionary measure in the Jakarta airport to conduct security assessment of the situation. A through search was conducted on the aircraft and the luggage and finally the flight continued to Abu Dhabi. It is not known if any passenger was removed from the aircraft. According to an updated statement from the airline, 12 passengers are being held by Abu Dhabi security authorities.


Despite strict control of passenger movement by the pilot the smoking bathrooms continued to happen. Another toilet alarm went off two hours before arrival in Abu Dhabi. The flight attendants kept close scrutiny on each passenger and their movement, on the restroom. The plane landed four hours behind schedule.


The passengers were in a quandary when the captain announced that there has been a  security breach and the plane is being diverted to Jakarta.


After smoke was detected in the aircraft semblance of normal service — including food and drink service —was abandoned. When another attempt was made about two hours (away) from Abu Dhabi all service were restricted including movement to the toilets, the toilets and trash were checked after each passenger left the toilets.


Two men of Middle Eastern origin were suspected and detained in Abu Dhabi by the police. A woman too was under suspect. One of the men intermittently changed seats throughout the flight.


All passengers were interviewed by the authorities upon landing in Abu Dhabi. The airline crews were lauded by the passenger for maintaining calm and keeping the passengers out of panic.

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