Elephant Poaching in Uganda National Parks Rises

Statistics released by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) show that the numbers of elephants killed in parks since the year began have more than tripled.

According to UWA, 33 elephants have been killed at Murchison Falls National Park in the last seven years, of which 25 have been killed this year.

Mr Louis Onzima, the acting conservation manager at the park, says poachers always kill elephants, skin them and take their meat and tusks.

Increase of manpower and setting up outposts at different strategic points for UWA rangers has been done as well as other methods like digging ditches to stop elephants from leaving park land.

The police, army and other security agencies in the area are working together to arrest people poaching the elephants. The elephants can be seen during game drives while on Uganda safaris.

A kilogramme of ivory on international market goes for between $1,500 (about Shs3.8 million) $4,000 (about Shs10.2 million) and a pair of tusks from a mature elephant can weigh about 40 kliogrammes.

Compiled by Jackie
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