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Forget about the kind of dance you are used to performed on modern instruments and bands, cultural dances and songs performed by Ugandan tribes are a thrilling life experience that you will live tell. The artistic composition of these dances is so interesting because of the African culture that is presented.

Get a chance of viewing the winding wastes of the local people as they are twisted from one side to another following a specific pattern. One interesting thing about cultural dances in Uganda is that each tribe has its own types of dances and songs giving a tourist an opportunity to compare and decide which tribe is the best.Uganda has over 40 ethnic tribes each with its own norms and customs. The uniqueness of the tribes is the reason why a cultural walk in any of the villages in the country provides a visitor with all the relevant information about the true lifestyle of an African.

Many visitors travel to Uganda specifically to enjoy other adventurous activities like gorilla trekking, game viewing, bird watching and chimpanzee tracking with less concern about culture but as they spend some days in the country, they get impressed and get convinced to dig deep into this unique culture that cannot be seen anywhere else. You may wonder how this happens to a person with an intention of exploring other tourism fraternities but from your point of entry to Uganda, you will immediately feel a change in culture that is worth exploring.

Cultural dances and songs are the leading interesting cultural activities that will amaze you on your safari  to Uganda. These dances are not only for enjoyment but they carry some hidden meaning and each African cultural dance has a particular message it passes on to the audience. I know you may wonder how you can get to understand the message behind these dances but as you follow the setup right from the beginning, trust me you will pick out something. The way the dancers move and how they keep repeating some strokes can enable you understand the message behind the dance.Some are easy to interpret like where a dancer keeps on smiling while dancing. This simply means that the song or tune being performed expresses happiness and enjoyment. In situations where the dancer is not happy means that the dance is for sad moments.

Reflecting back to the African context, these dances where mainly performed in celebration of a good harvest or during wedding. They were also performed to entertain the king and many youths were taught different songs and dances treasured by the community.

Today, they are mainly performed during cultural ceremonies, weddings, graduation parties, Imbalu (circumcision ceremonies) and others. There are also organized cultural dances but these are paid for.

A holiday in this great nation gives you a chance of witnessing the various cultural practices which are rare to find in other countries. We can help you have a safe classic tour to the different villages of Uganda and get you closer to the origin of the different beliefs and customs. Visit some of the historical sites in the country like the Kasubi tombs, Namugongo Pilgrimage site, the Uganda Museum and many more. All you need to do is to inquire with us on this website and we shall arrange an itinerary for you including the costs involved. Check other travel trips on our website and choose your best package.

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