Crocodiles scare Northern Uganda Residents

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Residents of Nakichument Village in Napak District located in northern Uganda have urged the Uganda Wildlife Authority to relocate the crocodiles in Arecek dam.

The residents have stopped collecting water from the dam due to fear of the man-eating reptiles. The crocodiles often found resting on the shores of the dam are suspected to have escaped from the Matheniko Game Reserve which lies nearby.

The senior warden of the Reserve confirmed the presence of crocodiles in the dam and advised the residents to steer clear of the predators.

A team from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) would soon capture the animals and take them back to the game reserve.

Arecek dam was built by the Uganda government to boost agriculture and provide water for domestic use. The UWA last year relocated several crocodiles which had been preying on people in Mayuge District in eastern Uganda.

Crocodiles can be seen on boat ride during national park tours while on Uganda safaris.

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