Crocodile kills a 12 year old student in Kasese | queen elizabeth park

Crocodile’s number is increasing day by day along Kazinga Channel and this has threatened the people of Katwe-Kabatooro town council in Kasese district. The people of the area blame the Uganda Wildlife Authority for not controlling the animals.

Following the attack of a crocodile on a 12 year old student of  Jabez Primary school who had gone to collect  water,  Agnes Mbambu’s  remains were found the next day floating on Lake Edward part of Queen elizabeth national park, near Kakoni village.

The father of the Agnes Mbambu said during her burial in Kyakitale village in Katwe-Kabatooro he had been attacked by a crocodile while was collecting firewood in a bush by the lake. He said he had been released from Kagando hospital where he was been treated.

During the burial, Uganda Wildlife Authority officials gave the family of the dead 100,000shs for the funeral expenses and the people said they hadn’t had any water for a long period of time in the area.

They said a 20-litre jerry can of water was for 700 shillings to 1000 shillings and the only choice they had was to fetch from Lake Edward therefore putting their lives in danger.

Recently, it was recorded that three people were injured  and two killed by these crocodiles.

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