CLIMATIC CHANGE AFFECTS BIRDS (birding tours in uganda)

The climatic change together with deforestation in Uganda will affect a number of tropical birds before the end of the century. Uganda has a number over 1,047 bird species and 40% of the birds will face the risk of disappearance by 2100 if the global warming is not checked.

Achilles Byaruhanga the Executive Director of Nature Uganda said since Uganda is located at the center of the equator, it experiences a number climatic conditions. The country has a fast growing population which has led to destruction of wetlands and forests therefore leading to the sending away of inhabitants like the birds and animals.

Mr. Byaruhanga said in 1975, the population of the Uganda crested crane was 100,000 but the number has now reduced by almost 90%.The birds are now 10,000 and they breed in swamps during the wet season but because of the destruction of the swamps, they have been pushed away.

The birds have also been affected by the long droughts because they lack ability to look for food during the breeding period.

The bird species in Uganda have placed the country among the top bird sites but because of the climate change, the birds have died. The country has bird species like Grey kestrel, Angola swallow, Hamerkop, Grey headed gull, Broad-billed roller, black headed herons, swamp flycatcher, Grey ground Crane, pied Kingfishers, Verreaux’s Eagle owls.

According to the current research, the world’s climate has increased to 0.8 degrees Celsius ever since the industrial revolution and if it keeps on rising, it will lead to the death of 100 to 500 tropical birds.

If the climate change is not controlled, consumption reduction, and control the release of greenhouse gases, the climate will become unbearable which will lead to huge human suffering and lead to the death of a number of organisms including the birds.

Mr. Byaruhanga said Uganda has to maintain the number of birds by getting used to the changes and repair the habitants that have been destroyed.

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