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Uganda is truly the Pearl

Uganda was called the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill in 1898 because he realised that Uganda is a country of immense beauty.

Uganda, for instance, has the largest fresh water lakes in the world.

We are proud to have the Source of the Nile, the most scenic mountains and the highest mountain called Rwenzori. In the past, it used to be called the Mountain of the Moon.

Among the countries that the equator crosses, Uganda is the only one with snow; if you got a chance to climb Mount Rwenzori, you would attest to this fact. According to environment and wildlife experts, half of the population of the remaining 800 mountain gorilla’s in the world are found in Uganda.

Kibaale National Park alone has the highest number of primate species, including chimpanzees.

Uganda is a small country, but has more than 1,018 bird species, meaning we have a high density of birds so one would have a lifetime of enjoyment watching the birds in Uganda. For example, Queen Elizabeth National Park, with 400 bird species, is more endowed than the entire US in terms of bird species.

Uganda has the diversity of eco and climate systems. For example, we have a semi-arid area in Karamoja region and the whole cattle corridor, but we also have a mountainous ecosystem.

This means you will fi nd rare plant species on these mountains. Uganda has tropical forests Like Kalizi, Budongo, Bugoma, Mabira, Sango Bay and the Rwenzori itself.

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