Chimpanzee Habituation Experience | CHEX

Chimpanzees are 98%  humans, therefore the closest cousins of humans.

Uganda not only has a single park or a single place to track chimpanzees but also has several.  Close to Murchison Falls is the Budongo Forest.  In Queen Elizabeth Park is Kyambura Godge and on the outskirts is the Kalinzu Forest.

Chimpanzees can also be tracked within Semliki Valley and  Kibale Rainforest having 13 primate species and the highest number of Chimps in the whole of East Africa.

Chimpanzee habituation experience- CHEX  is another incredible activity done by researchers, through encountering wild chimpanzee and are normally rough.  This may be done in Kibale Forest throughout the year and even in the off-season in Budongo Forest.
Uganda is amazing; the wildlife, Mountain Gorillas, birds, Chimpanzees and the scenic sights, and above all the warm friendly people

Chimpanzee tracking and Habituation experience can be booked through Katona Tours and Travel


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