Uganda wild life authority -UWA, is likely to increase on the number of gorilla permits sold for Bwindi forest following the creation of new gorilla families in Kisoro the southern part of Bwindi and in Ruhija respectively.

The following gorilla families are likely to be officially opened for Tracking with time.

Busingye Gorilla Family in Kisoro
Busingye gorilla group which is still under observation is the newest gorilla tracking family. It broke way form Kahungye Gorilla tracking family in August 2012.  Permits are available on ground at the Uganda Wildlife Authority offices in the park. The
number of members in the family are 9 with 1 Silver back, 4 Adult females, 1 sub adult and 3 infants .

Kyaguriro Gorilla family in Ruhija
This is a new gorilla tracking family so far noted to have 7 members. It is composed of 1 silver back, 3 Adult females, 1Juvinille and 2 infants. Towards the last quarter of 2012, this group broke away from the original Nshongi group because the group was huge with many unruly silver backs. The silver backs had become so aggressive with no respect of the current silver back.

Kyaguriro Gorilla family in Ruhija
This gorilla tracking family is mainly used for Uganda gorilla research. It is made up of 18 members with 1 silver back, 2 black backs, 7 Adult females, 2 juveniles and 6 infants. It is not normally used for gorilla trekking but on demand, if there is  authorization form Uganda wild life Authority, it’s gorilla permits will be officially sold at UWA Offices.

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