Buganda Tourism Expo

The Buganda Kingdom officially opened the tourism expo due early last week where there was more to see, learn and know about Uganda’s tourism potentials. However, Uganda as a country blessed with so much beauty that is to say the lakes, rivers, wildlife, historical heritage, the unexceptional culture and not forgetting the nature in its community setting.

All activities were not left out, adventures, games, learning among others were on board. Camel rides were in site, lion watching too, selling crafts, taking walks around the Lubiri Palace e.t.c. Companies like Uganda Wild Life Authority used the opportunity to advertise more of the tourism sector by taking part.

The expo was characterized by a number of entertainments, the likes of acrobats, realistic and scary stunts that one would only find on TV programs like Real TV where exhibited by a one called Bbosa, who would lay back on nails and for more amusement, let someone sit on him chest.

His Royal Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda was expected to bless the expo on Friday. However, the Uganda’s Minister of finance, Maria Kiwanuka took part at the opening of the expo. The kingdom’s Katikiro (Prime Minister), Eng. JB Walusimbi commented that with the cultural sites, churches amongst tourist attraction, the seven hills auto which Kampala capital city rests, Buganda had so much sell for its tourism potential.

Compiled by Jackie
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