Some time back, there was lots of wildlife wandering around the streets of Nairobi because there was minimum human development. But in the previous 100 years, there has been a tremendous growth and development within the cities and majority of the species that were preserved currently are within the Nairobi National Park which was gazette in 1946 but given the fact that there are so many huge trees, lots of arboreal species have constantly to shifted over to a bigger spot.  These wondering species include very many primates.

In the Late hours of the afternoon when one moves towards the watercourse close to the Langata gate, can see many Olive baboons taking some water, they calm and not terrified by human presence. They can find food by all means even if it means getting out of their hiding places to the open areas which exposes them to the danger of being killed by people.  Although they are very smart and very know that the park is a secure place for them although there are other predator like the leopards in the park which some them feed on them too.

The Olive baboons have got a very thick fur which makes them look very nice and therefore worth the time one spends watching them as they play around. The park is usually open every day from 6 am till the late hours of the day at about 7 pm.

Compiled by Jackie
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