Air Berlin cancels flights to Mombasa Kenya in 2013

The Kenyan tourism industry officials now blame their minister and the government at large for failing to listen to them and fund tourism marketing to tap into alternate markets while at the same time running good will missions to the existing markets in Europe where reassurance would be on top of the agenda, something not possible now due to lack of funds for KTB.

This is a result of Air Berlin’s intension to cancel summer flight to Mombasa in 2013.

Our government is preoccupied with elections, electioneering and other issues and tourism is being hammered from so many sides now. Cost increases, plans for VAT which our minister failed to stop and then the issue with Qatar Airways. They wanted to come to Mombasa on a daily basis, supporting tourism and trade, and because someone in government failed to get what they were looking for, like in a golden handshake, they pulled the plug last moment on traffic rights between Nairobi and Kilimanjaro and between Dar es Salaam and Mombasa.
You think that airline NEEDS to fly to Mombasa? They want to but it has to be financially viable and sector traffic rights will help, like you have it between Entebbe and Kigali. First you broke the news on 1Time pulling out and that was confirmed and now Air Berlin too? At a time when we need more airlines, more seats we now get less. It is a big blow and my colleagues are wondering which one will pull next. This is nearing the 2008 proportions at the coast and if the ministry says Mombasa is doing so well, they are plainly not telling the truth.
Occupancies are down, revenues are down, discretionary spending is down. Thank you for your positive comments about visiting Mombasa on Facebook, it was seen and appreciated very much that someone like you stands by us more than our own government. Please tell the world Mombasas resorts are safe and sound and ready to receive visitors said a regular source in a mail just received when asking for a comment on this piece of breaking news. Other sources appeared shocked into silence though as no added feedback from regular contributors could be obtained, probably still trying to work out if indeed the news are correct, which assuredly and sadly it is, or else first taking a deep breath before hitting the panic buttons

By the end of June Mombasa had a year on year downturn of over 20 percent and from all indications this trend appears to hold steady, as the country moves towards the March 2013 elections. That is another issue for us, because those elections are ahead of Easter which is normally quite full and for next year we are making provisions to start the low season before Easter around election time and put special offers on the market for residents and East Africans, because no one knows what is going to happen if there is no clear winner in the first round did the source then add on the follow up, before saying that he and his colleagues would meet soon to strategize and give government an action list of key demands to be met, to help boost occupancies and promote the Kenya coast across the world.

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