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Aeromexico, Mexico’s global airline, announced its inclusion —as of this month—, in the list published by the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) that recognizes corporate social responsibility. The airline has thus become the first flagship carrier in Mexico to receive this merit.

In this regard, and in compliance with its commitment to corporate social responsibility, Aeromexico implemented a series of actions on behalf of the environment and its surroundings in 2010, including its fleet renewal, use of biofuel, philanthropic support, the transportation of vital organs, support for athletes, green flights and the use of biodegradable materials, among others. All of these strategies allowed the airline to reach the standards needed to ensure this recognition.

“Being a part of this index represents a great achievement that will certainly bring significant benefits for Aeromexico. Besides this constituting a competitive differentiator within the industry, it gives us greater visibility among public investors in search of sustainable companies that over a long-term value,” said the airline.

With this, Aeromexico maintains its commitment to continue to position itself as a company that demonstrates its corporate responsibility to its sector, customers, partners and the environment on behalf of the domestic aviation industry.

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