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Enjoy an Adventurous Mountain Gorilla Trekking

With only 900 gorillas left in the world, many tourists have strived hard to have a glance at them in their natural habitats. If you have ever seen a gorilla in a zoo, then you should not jubilate because you might have seen lowland and not a mountain gorilla due to the fact that they are not kept in captivity. In order to see one, you have to personally trek them in their natural habitats.

A gorilla trekking safari to these East African countries is a lifetime experience that you will never get tired of. In fact, to many visitors, a second visit is always better in terms of adventure to the first one. It doesn’t matter which side of the park you start your trek from .You might have read many pieces discussing which of the countries is the best for trekking adventure but those pieces miss the fact that each country has its own unique experience t another country lacks. It is important in most cases to live the judgment to the visitor after the trip because everyone perceives things in a different way. But according to me, Uganda offers the best experience. Not because I have been there several times for the same reason but because of the easiness to encounter the great-apes in the rainforests and other adventurous exposures guaranteed. I must confirm to you that every trip I made to this “pearl of Africa “was completely different.

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