Uganda Tour Operators recall the value of Kasubi tombs to the Tourism industry

Members of the tourism fraternity have described the value of the royal tombs at Kasubi to local travel operations, saying urban tourism will not be the same without the historic place.

Some of them are suggesting that whatever remained of the mausoleum, destroyed in a mysterious fire on Tuesday night, must be preserved in its current shape to reflect the latest phase of its long history.

Amos Wekesa, the president of Uganda Tourism Association, a loose alliance of tourism professionals, yesterday said the destruction of the tombs was “an extremely big loss” for the country.

As far as tour operators are concerned, he said, the place was the first stopover for visitors in a hurry or those only interested in urban attractions.

“It was one of the best options,” Mr Wekesa said, pointing out its proximity to downtown Kampala.

The site held a special place in city tours and has been popular since 1970, when Uganda’s tourism sector was at its peak, a reputation that was solidified in 1971 after the return of the remains of Kabaka Edward Muteesa II, the father the reigning monarch of Buganda, for burial in Uganda.

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