Uganda Government Cabinet Approves New Ministries

The cabinet has today morning in Kampala met and discussed the creation of six new ministries president Museveni plans to announce in May this year.

The new ministries include the ministry in charge of Bunyoro affairs, the ministry for Petroleum and Gas and a ministry in charge of Teso sub region.

Others are the ministry for Capital City, the ministry for Tourism separated from the ministry of Trade, industry and Tourism and a Constitutional Affairs Ministry separated from the Ministry of Justice.

The Ministry for Capital City is in accordance with the Kampala City Act 2010.

President Museveni has already appointed the current minister for the Presidency, Beatrice Wabudeya to double as the minister for the Capital City.

Museveni has also appointed Mrs. Jennifer Musisi to become the Executive Director for Kampala City.

The cabinet debate on the subject is still going on and Ultimate Media will give you details as they emerge.

Compiled by Jackie

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