Tourism minister calls to an end encroachment to mt.elgon | uganda tourism news

The Tourism and Trade Minister Kahinda Otafiire has directed all resident district commissioners in the districts bordering Mt. Elgon National Park and security officials to immediately stop the destruction of the park and uprooting boundary pillars.

“Nobody should enter the national park to carry out any activities including cultivation without signing formal agreements with the government. Please take this directive seriously. We are implementing the minister’s directive on matters concerning Mt. Elgon National Park until we get a formal communication from the President,” said Mr Paul Lubowa, the Mbale resident district commissioner.

Uganda’s President Museveni, on October 26 directed the Uganda Wildlife Authority to implement collaborative restoration programmes where local people plant trees in areas of dispute with the park.

The minister’s directives come after residents reportedly invaded the park and the central forests reserves despite President Museveni’s directives.

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