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The Seychelles Tourism Board’s end-of-year marketing meeting gave food for thought to its tourism offices’ representatives in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and key trade partners to reflect on what they are marketing as Seychelles’ overall experience.

Anne Lafortune, the Principal Secretary for Tourism, in her opening remarks said marketing Seychelles is not only the Seychelles Tourism Board’s business but that of all stakeholders. “This is why we have the ministerial meeting – to ensure what our Seychelles Tourism Board’s offices market overseas as the Seychelles experience, we do have in the country. We have to get everyone on board and ensure all stakeholders work together to improve the product we call Seychelles.”

Sherin Naiken, the Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, emphasized on the collective effort of stakeholders to work towards a common goal and to create the desired products for Seychelles. Miss Naiken said although 2014 has been a challenging year for Seychelles, her team has been able to keep its head above water. “I am hopeful some of our concerns, especially that of air access, are being addressed when today I see seated around the table, the ministers for tourism, transport, and finance, and the Civil Aviation Authority speaking the same language. I am hopeful that from all these lengthy discussions and strategizing, will emerge better strategic guidance for the country in support of our fragile tourism industry.”

Miss Naiken added that her team has also been instrumental in giving results. “I have rejoiced at the achievement of my small team of people, from those who live on the run to promote our beloved country, to those who have been able to fulfil the big strategy by ensuring the little details are taken care off.”

She also spoke about 2015 market forecast, adding that China will remain one of Seychelles’ fastest-growing markets, while Germany remains the most resilient market. Miss Naiken said all of the Seychelles Tourism Board’s markets will become strong as Seychelles improves its air connectivity.

The rest of the markets, Miss Naiken said, will be maintained in 2015. “The plan is to give us the quality time and resources to re-build our focus markets and strengthen our position in the market vis-á-vis competition. Marketing Seychelles through our various niche markets and events will remain part of our overall strategy.”

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