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Leaders in Atiak and Djaipi sub-counties in Amuru and Adjumani districts have appealed to the Government and the Uganda Wildlife Authority UWA to sensitize people attacked by elephants on the importance of wildlife conservation.

The call was made during the launch of ‘using chilly on garden fences’ as a way of daunting elephants from trespassing in gardens to destroy crops. The scheme was initiated by the Stability, Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Uganda project together with The Uganda Wildlife Conservation Society and the North East Chilly Producers Association and it was held at Elego Primary School in Atiak recently.

This came after the consistent wandering of elephants from East Madi wildlife reserve into the two sub-counties, which during their movements destroy crops.

“There is necessity to let the people know that they can live with the Elephants and other animals from the National parks,” said Joseph Lagu, the Elegu LC3 councillor in Djaipi.

He said the Government was also losing money due to the damages caused by elephants’ movements.

He added that recently, a farmer lost two hectares of his rice to the elephants. He stressed that that people in the community should be advised on the movement trends of the elephants so that they animals’ passages.  A total of 60 trained chilly farmers from Atiak and Djaipi were given 250kg of chilly seeds from North East Chilly Producers Association to produce chili powder. The project will be managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Ghad Mugiri, a warden from UWA advised the residents to always address all matters concerning Uganda wildlife   to him or other UWA representatives in timely interference.

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