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There were about 852.347 visitors who had visited Mauritius by the end of January and although the overall figures for the whole year have not yet been verified by the responsible bodies, predict that there are over 940.000 visitors who have visited the island in the last year of 2011. The total brings them to a 4% increase when compared to the results of 2010 and there fore it a goal yet to be realized of having 1 million visitors in the island by the end of 2012.  The favorable results are attributed to the complimentary economic situation around the globe and the increase in the number of flights from different airlines to the island either due to the size of the planes or the number of times they fly into the island.

However, the chairman of one of the islands hotel associations  said in the in the message directed to  this reporter  that despite the increase in the number tourists, they are still not many enough to fill up all the accommodation facilities that are available at the island.

He added that the tourism industry has been loudly campaigning for the evaluation of their aviation policy so that they can have additional airlines flying into the island but got information that  Seychelles  their neighbor has its national airline gutted as a way of an immense reformation something that terrified the Mauritius government that it is not scared of dealing with flight issues like Seychelles did that it would lead to the  downfall of Air Mauritius, after  foreign flights gain much fame and corner the islands’ source markets with  lower fares that  Air Mauritius would not be able accept  to match and therefore it becomes out competed like what happened to Seychelles.

However, a decision has got to be made as early as possible and know which airlines will gain greater access to the Mauritius skies or else the government in Port Louis will continue to shield their national airline like they have been doing.

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