Malta's Individual Investor Program Reports Continued Success: Over ...

Malta’s Individual Investor Program (IIP) has now received over 400 applications since its launch in early 2014, which will result in over Euro 450 million (US$ 530 million) in Foreign Direct Investment.

This foreign direct investment comprises deposits, bonds, and real estate among other elements, and equates to approximately Euro 10 million (US$ 12 million) per week.

The first letters of citizenship approval-in-principle have been issued, and the first applicants will be issued with their certificates of naturalisation soon after their contribution, investment and residency requirements are fulfilled. There are over 40 nationalities represented among the applicants so far.

The IIP is a modern citizenship-by-investment program aimed at ultra-high net worth individuals and families worldwide. It was designed and is marketed internationally by Henley & Partners for the Government of Malta under a Public Services Concession. Andrew J. Taylor, Vice-Chairman of Henley & Partners, states, “Our firm understands the finest details of the IIP because we designed and created it with the Government of Malta. We are proud to work with the majority of families applying for citizenship through the program, who choose Henley & Partners because we are best positioned to ensure applicants adhere to all government regulations and follow all steps needed for a successful application.”

Speaking at a Henley & Partners Seminar at the Malta High Commission in London in late 2014, the Prime Minister of Malta, the Hon. Dr. Joseph Muscat commented, “Success lies in innovation. We believe that the concept of citizenship is fast evolving, and we want to be at the forefront of this innovation. That is why we came out with the ground-breaking Individual Investor Program, the only citizenship-by-investment program which is sanctioned by the European Commission. It can be explained in one word: talent.

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