Police in Kamwenge district has rescued a tourist from the wildness after she got lost groping in the Kibale National Park on Saturday. Ms Brumby Sisi, 74 from Australia who was residing at Primate Lodge got lost in the forest after she decided  to take a walk alone without the knowledge of his colleagues and the  proprietors of the lodge.Mr Amos Wekesa, the  proprietor at Primate Lodge said on Sunday that Ms Brumby had come with a  group 15 tourists but could not go for a walk with others and she  decided to stay back at the lodge. A group of other tourists headed for the forest for bird watching “At around 1pm on Saturday we realized that Brumby was not in the Lodge, we felt concerned about her life and decided to call police”  Wekesa said.

Police brought sniffer dogs and mounted a search until 11am on Sunday when she was found groping in the middle of the cold forest and shivering. “Am grateful about the police’s response, they were superb” Mr Benson Muhanguzi, the Kamwenge District Police Commander said on Monday.

Muhanguzi said Brumby was having a problem with her knee and could not go in the jungle with her friends. “Her  friends left her in the camp because she is weak and had a problem with  her knee and could not go in the jungle, but after they left  she  started moving around the camp with a video camera capturing birds and  she eventually entered the forest and could not tress her way back”  Muhanguzi said. When her group came back they could not see her, they thought she was still in the camp. “They called the police and we started the search from midday on Saturday but had to stop when it became too dark, we resumed the search in the morning and we found her in the forest still walking” Muhanguzi said. He added, “She was weak but she was still moving on, she managed to talk to us and was appreciative to the work of the police and the country”. One of the staffs at the lodge said, “This is a story I will live to tell, like Daniel was thrown in the den of lions but could not touch him, Brumby is more of Daniel”

Kibale National Park is in western Uganda protecting moist evergreen rain forest. The park  was created in 1993 to protect a large area of forest previously managed as a  logged Forest Reserve (gazetted in 1932). The park adjoins with Queen Elizabeth National Park and is an important eco-tourism and safari  destination, popular for its population of habituated chimpanzees and 12  other species of primates and 335 of bird species. The park covers part of Kabarole, Kamwenge and Kyenjojo districts.

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