Kidepo National park voted third best tourist attraction in Africa

Because of the achievement, the national park has become one of the most sought after attractions in Uganda.

“In five years we expect to triple the number of visitors from 2,700 to about 7,000,” said the area conservation manager, Johnson Masereka, while launching a new product called The Ik On Moru Engole nature walk.

“The revenue will double last year’s collection of sh466m.”

There are investment opportunities waiting to be taken up by the private sector in the park. The park has three hotel sites waiting to be developed and needs transport services and aggressive tour operators.

“Given the road unit being donated by USAID, we are going to make mobility in the park easy and improve the products in place,” Masereka said.

The UWA marketing officer, Ingrid Nyankabwa, said the park has 120 lions.

“When here, chances of hearing the lions roar by your banda veranda are numerous,” she said.

She advised tour operators to include the national park on their itinerary when marketing gorilla tracking, nature walks and bird watching.

“The game drive treats you to a wide variety of attractions ranging from giraffes, elephants, zebras, water bucks and ostriches.”

Philip Akoromwe, a ranger, said Kidepo National Park has a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

“The Kidepo setting is the closest you can get to nature in a raw form. There is something to interest everyone. The packages offer a nature walk, 460 birds, traditional dances, butterflies and interesting communities,” he said.

Sarja Bush from Spain said: “I found the 13-hour trip from Kampala to Kidepo National Park tedious but what I have seen makes the experience worthwhile.”

“I would not mind recommending Kidepo to a colleague. I find the panoramic view so nice. It is a break away from the concrete that is character of sprawling cities today,” she added.

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