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The Kenya Wildlife service rangers in Tsavo have launched a search for a black rhino that was caught in a poacher’s snare.

According to KWS assistant director in charge of the Tsavo ecosystem,Julius Kimani, the rhino was caught by the snare at Chyulu hills.

“The male Rhino was caught in a wire cable snare set by poachers which he managed to break. The Rhino was spotted by one of our camera traps that we use to monitor the last few Black Rhino left in the Chyulu Hills,” he said.

Kimani said a ground and air operation had been launched in search of the Rhino in a bid to immobilise him and remove the snare.

“Chyulu hills has thick bushes thus making it difficult for the search teams to spot the animal. Vehicles cannot penetrate thus forcing the rangers to comb the bushes in search of the Rhino,” Kimani told the Star in a telephone interview yesterday.

He was reluctant to reveal the number of Black Rhinos that are left in the Tsavo ecosystem.

“We cannot tell the exact number of rhinos at the area for purposes of their security,” he said. Some sources said that rangers were setting up more camera traps in the hope of locating him.

The Rhino population in the country has been declining steadily due to poaching across the country. The increased poaching follows pressure for high demand for rhino horns in the middle East countries.


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