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The re-construction of the Kasubi Royal tombs, a tourism site that were razed by fire earlier this year will cost an estimated US$1million, Buganda Kingdom officials have said.

The permanent secretary in the office of the Katikkiro (Prime minister) William Naggaga said, so far the kingdom has collected UShs500m (about $250, 000) and the construction is scheduled to start soon and will take two years so they are likely to be ready by March 2012.

The Minister of Gender, Labor and Social Development Gabriel Opio, told journalists last week in Kampala that the World heritage Centre had approved an emergency request of $71, 342.

“These funds will be used for various reasons such as facilitating a national workshop to sensitize the public on the reconstruction process and purchasing equipment for documenting the reconstruction process,” Opio said.

In his statement, Opio said the money will be used for developing a plan to manage the envisaged risks at the site such as installing firefighting equipment and fencing among others and all the money collected will be put in a trust fund for better accountability.

The minister was also accompanied by a mission from United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) which had been in the country for four days. The mission had come to assess the state of conservation of Kasubi Tombs and advise the parties on how to ensure proper reconstruction of the tombs and improve the overall state of condition of the property.

Upon the completion of the Royal tombs, tourists will as always be welcome to visit the tombs as part of their Uganda cultural tour.

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