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Ssese Islands Beach Hotel

Located on Africa’s largest Lake (Lake Victoria), Kalangala Islands are enriched with magnificent attractions that are hard to find in other countries. The Island is blessed with a cool wonderful atmosphere which makes you relaxed after a long boat ride as you are accessing the place. I know you are wondering how this hard-to access place can be interesting but trust me, this travel trip will leave you amazed throughout your stay. The most interesting part of your stay at the Island is when you get a chance of interacting with the local people . Get a chance of listening to the true story about the cultural history of a true African man and other interesting stories about what happens on the Island. These movie-like stories will give you an accompaniment as you enjoy a magnificent look at the beautiful sky in the evening. You will also enjoy a thrilling view of the lush tropical islands, sandy beaches, gentle breeze of Lake Victoria, palm trees, flowers, and exotic trees including some rare tree-species.

Apart from the wonderful nature, there are other wonderful activities you will get exposed to while at the Island which will make your visit a success. Forget about the common activities you are used to do while in this “pearl of Africa’s national parks like gorilla trekking, wildlife and game viewing, chimpanzee tracking and others. The Island has some special packages you can enjoy and these include; bird watching, cultural walks, nature walks, boat rides, spot fishing and many more.

Bird watching is the leading tourism activity you should expect while at Ssese Island. The Island is a home to over 1500 bird species among which include the migratory, pandemic and endemic birds. Some of the birds found at the Island include; the great cormorant, sharpe’s pied-babbler, red-chested Sunbird, northernbrown-throated weaver and more others.

Spot fishing is another adventurous activity you will enjoy . Get a chance of fishing some of the rare fish-species like the super-sized Nile Perch, tasty Tilapia and many more. A motorboat ride Ssese Island is a thrilling lifetime experience that will change your life. If you are good at exploring foods, this is the best place to visit where you get a chance of eating foods like the bananas, papaya, mangoes, jack fruit, water melons, pineapples each with a splendid flavor and sweetness .

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