64 ‘village rangers’ graduate in Tanzania

64 ‘village rangers’ were passed out over the weekend in Northern Tanzania’s Longido district after undergoing training in various subject, including anti poaching patrols.

Paid for in full by the Honey Guide Foundation, the rangers will be deployed immediately to cut down on what has been described as wide spread poaching in the area, which borders Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park and Arusha National Park on the Tanzanian side of the border with Kenya and Amboseli National Park on the other side of the border.

Kenyan observers of the event however dismissed blanket accusations that ‘illegal aliens’ – often a term used for citizens of the neighboring country by Tanzanian officials – were to blame entirely for this trend, as poaching was ‘not limited to Kenyans alleged to cross illegally into Tanzania but is carried out by citizens of that country too’.

The Honey Guide Foundation has donated two vehicles to the group to enhance mobility but in addition also gave other equipment including tracker dogs, rifles and ammunition to allow the 64 newly graduated rangers to immediately tackle these problems.

Thanks to the Honey Guide Foundation for their remarkable efforts and engagement with local communities.

Compiled by Jackie
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